We no longer have a retail location. We will have a booth at :

Vul-con Convention-July 22-23

Saskatoon Expo-Sept. 16-17

Spruce Meadows-Dec.1-3, 2017 

Red & White Comic Expo-Mar.10, 2018
Calgary Comic Expo-Apr.26-29, 2018

We hope to be at:

Edmonton-Sept.22-24, 2017

Calgary Expo Holiday Market-Nov.25&26, 2017

Hope to see you there!

At Art in the City we sell mounted and framed prints, posters, and pictures at very reasonable prices! Check out our huge selection of movie posters, music album covers, scenery, famous people, inspirational pictures and quotes,  funny prints, and much, much more on our portfolio page! We currently are re-building our website and we will have pictures of all of our mounted prints and you will be able to order on-line. E-mail us your pdf's or jpgs and we will mount and frame those too!